Shakira dreams of a child

Shakira dreams of a childDespite the fact that Shakira has no plans to tie the knot with longtime boyfriend Antonio de La rГєa, the singer wants to start a family.The star plans to become a mother immediately after the end of her concert tour "She Wolf ". "My plans: finish the tour and then have a baby," said the 33-year-old singer. - My biological clock is not going crazy, but I'm ready. My body is ready. Antonio and I talked about this, this is the next step in our relationship".Shakira and Antonio de La rГєa is considered one of the strongest pairs in the world of show business, Tony and Shakira have been together for almost 10 years. She recently admitted that she has no desire to marry, writes "The Examiner"."I told him, "Let's never get married ". Читать полностью -->

The Briton will make a movie about the Arab-Israeli conflict

The Briton will make a movie about the Arab-Israeli conflictThe prolific Director Michael Winterbottom, presented as part of the Sundance film festival with two films - "the shock Doctrine" and "the Killer inside me", as his next project chose a film on the topic of the Arab-Israeli conflict the promised Land /Promised Land/.In the film you will learn about the events leading to the partition of Palestine in 1948, the year and the creation of the state of Israel. This theme Western cinema is still avoided.In the role of a British officer, caught members of the extremist Zionist groups, will star Jim Sturgess ("Across the universe" /Across the Universe/, "Twenty-one" /21/). The project budget amounts to about $ 5 million, will start shooting this summer. Producing the film partner Winterbottom Andrew Eaton using their company Revolution Films.In respect of the film will unfold a huge number of disputes that never bothered directed by Winterbottom. The film will be part of some mini-trends: Julian Schnabel at the moment is making a film Miral /Miral/ with Willem Dafoe and Freiday Pinto in the lead roles. The film, based on true events, tell about the nurse named hind, Husseini, who founded an orphanage in Jerusalem in 1948, the year. Читать полностью -->

The mystery of the death of Caravaggio will open in may

The mystery of the death of Caravaggio will open in mayItalian scientists expect to obtain the result of the study, which will help to shed light on the circumstances of the death of the artist Caravaggio, in may 2010. It is reported Reuters.National Committee for cultural heritage of Italy in collaboration with the universities of Ravenna and Bologna began searching for the remains of the artist at the end of 2009. Anthropologists conducted a manhunt in one of the underground tombs in Tuscany. As a result, were installed nine sets of human bones. In mid-March were taken DNA samples of six possible descendants of the artist; some of them live in the hometown of the artist, called Caravaggio, and have surnames, derived from the real name of the painter, Merisi.According to the head of a group of anthropologists Silvano vincheti (Silvano Vinceti), this is the last chance to discover the remains of Caravaggio, as if now the study for any reason will fail, others will not allow the exhumation.Caravaggio died in 1610 in Tuscany at the age of 38. The reasons of his death are uncertain; the common version of the murder in the duel or fighting (the artist was known for his restless disposition and participated in the battles), but was found in 2001, the death certificate stated that he died in hospital from typhoid fever. Читать полностью -->

The plane Larisa Dolina caught fire during the flight

The plane Larisa Dolina caught fire during the flightFamous singer Larisa Dolina and her husband will remember this winter vacation. The engine of the aircraft on which they flew to Orlando, caught fire in the air."We boarded the plane, and after 10 minutes of taking off his scary start to shake, it was a real nightmare," said the husband and the producer of the Valley Ilya Spitsyn.Their flight was followed with a "millionaires ' island", so called hot island of St. Barth in Orlando. Due to a problem with the ship's captain had to make an emergency landing in Puerto Rico. "There the plane was met by a team of firefighters and even some cars with flashing lights... had Suffered, of course, all the rest down the drain. Читать полностью -->

The paparazzi don't give Sandra Bullock pass

The paparazzi don't give Sandra Bullock pass After the whole world found out about the cheating husband of Sandra Bullock Jesse James, the Oscar-winning actress lives in this hell!Insulted and humiliated Sandra fell into a deep depression and refuses to go out, not to mention dealing with journalists. But the stubborn paparazzi don't give up: hoping to get at least one treasured picture of the actress they were watching her day and night.The other day photographers almost broke the car of Sandra when she traveled from her home in Hollywood. Yeah, sometimes the star of life is not to be envied!Source: Paparazzi don't give Sandra Bullock pass (video). . . . Читать полностью -->

Elizabeth II went on vacation by public transport

Elizabeth II went on vacation by public transportBritain's Queen Elizabeth II went to new year holidays in the manor of Sandringham (Sandringham Estate) by public transport.According to tabloid Daily Mail, Queen Elizabeth II, accompanied by several bodyguards and a Secretary on Friday morning went into the first class carriage of the train First Capital Connect.The Queen and her court took the first class cabin, which seats eight people. From the rest of the passengers on the train it was protected by only a glass door. During the trip, Elizabeth II, assorted postcards sent her for Christmas. The Queen came through an hour and a half at the station king's Lynn (King's Lynn), which is situated at 11 kilometres from the estate. At the platform waiting for her car "Range Rover".As reported by the newspaper representatives of the railway company, Elizabeth II and her retinue have not used any of the benefits: they are paid for each ticket is about 45 pounds - that is his price early booking.At Buckingham Palace the publication reported that the royals often use public transport. However, they have the right to travel on the Royal train, every departure from the depot which costs the taxpayers at least 57 thousand pounds. Читать полностью -->

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